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Bollywood advanced


Season: 24.8. - 7.12.2023

Time: Thursday from 19:15 to 20:30

Place: Moon Dance Studio, Karjakatu 35 b, Itäharju, Turku

Price: 15 x 75 min 180 €

Teachers: Sanna Soni and Teija Ahola


Advanced Bollywood dance classes are for those who have already mastered the basic moves and want to learn more challenging choreography. At the advanced level, the dancers of the Åbolly Dancers dance group also train, but participation in the classes does not oblige you to join the dance group.


The Fall season begins by polishing the choreographies started in the fall to show condition (Current Laga). 7.9. a new choreography will begin. New students can also join then. If you are interested in becoming a new extension group, Please contact us before a registration!

Soft Bollywood from 7.9.2023


There will be a peaceful choreography that focuses on bodily movements and polished hand movements in Åbolly advanced level class. This class is choreography centered and you will learn and use mudras, feminine, soft and dynamic body movement. We will create a choreography to the song Namaami Namaani which is about the dancer's  devotion to the dance itself and to one dancing Hindu God. 


This class is not suitable for beginners and you need to have some experience of Indian dances for participation. 

We recommend to participate to Kathak lesson which is just before this lesson.. It is useful in learning this this choreography.



Register for the advanced level here:

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