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Survey on the spring season 2021

We do not know about the Korona situation at the beginning of the year but I would like to hear your views on the questions below. Copy the questions and answer them via email. Send answers to: A meeting with Hansa on Thursday about the show, when we know what kind of schedule we will go with it. If the show is in February-March, it would be most sensible to train the songs performed until then and then start the spring season.

Open level hours

Choose the option that suits you:  

- hours Mon 19:45 - 21:00 (75 min)

- hours to 18:00 - 19:15 (75 min)

- Another day, huh?

- I'm not coming to an open level class

- Short courses of interest

- seasonal hours of interest

- what kind of lessons do you want (more technique, choreography-focused, folk, more classical, etc.?

- Do you watch live streams at home if you are unable to attend a live class?

- other feedback:

Advanced hours

Choose the option that suits you:  

- hours to 19:15 - 20:30 (75 min)

- hours to 19:15 - 21:00 (105 min)

- hours to 19:15 - 20:45 (90 min)

- choreography course of interest (see below)

- I'm not coming to advanced classes

- what kind of lessons and choreographies do you want?

- if the situation in Korona eases, are you ready to travel somewhere to festivals in the summer, for example in Athens, and to practice choreography yourself at home during the spring season?

- Do you watch live streams at home if you are unable to attend a live class?

- other feedback:

If I rehearse the choreographies that will be performed until the show, I will be able to train:

- Mon 19:45 - 21:00 (75 min)

- Thu 18:00 - 19:15 (75 min)

- Thu 19:15 - 20:30 (75 min)

- Thu 19:15 - 20:45 (90 mins)

- to 19:15 - 21:00 (105 min

What is a choreography course?

Many can find latent abilities for choreography but don’t know where you started. In the choreography course, Teija teaches her own techniques and ways of making choreographies. The course would run throughout the spring season, starting with an easy song and progressing at the students ’own pace. If the task feels easy, more than one choreography can be done, but at least one during the spring :)  The course includes:

- The song chosen by Teija to be choreographed (if more is done, students can also suggest)

- the style, rhythm and structure of the song are reviewed

- let's go through the lyrics of the song together

the song is divided into parts, and  participants do the choreography for a specific part

- Participants will receive a list of choreographies on YouTube with tips on the movements appropriate for the song. One of them can be used to edit movements suitable for this song. How, you can also get guidance on it.

- during the spring, 5 x 2 h live training in the gym (approx. 1 x a month), in which case the pieces made by everyone are combined and possibly formed into one whole. A suitable time will be agreed, but the time will probably end on the weekend.

- once a week Zoom hour (12 x 1 h), when we go through e.g. technical issues of choreography and e.g.  what kind of movements fit exactly where you are doing. In addition to this, if someone needs help with choreography  personally, that too succeeds. The zoom lesson will be arranged at a time convenient to the participants.  

The price of the course is 94 €. The course will be held if at least 4 participants are involved.

The payment can be divided into installments and the exercise benefits are also paid.

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