Cotton and reusable two-layer black face mask with Texpel Micro ™ antimicrobial treatment. Both layers of the face mask are made of 100% cotton fabric. Åbolly logo printed on the mask. Flexible adjustable ear straps ensure comfort.  Antimicrobial treatment kills 99.9% of bacterial growth and reduces the growth of odor-causing microorganisms that can accumulate in the fibers upon skin contact or washing. The treatment keeps the surface dry and removes odors.  The masks are washed at 60 ° C. Max. 30 washers / protectors. The Texpel Micro ™ antimicrobial treatment lasts 30 washes in the product. The masks are individually packed in hygienic packaging. Delivery to Moon Dance Studio.

Åbolly face mask

  • NOTE! For the time being, only delivered to the dance studio.