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Twelcome to the Åbolly online store! You can pay season fees or individual lessons here. You can also buy a card for 3, 5 and 10 times and pay the season fees in installments (3 installments). Paying through the online store is recommended, but invoicing is also possible, as well as payment by bank card and sports benefits. 

All classes are 75 minutes long.

  • one-time fee (75 min) €14

  • 3-time card €39

  • 5-time card €65

  • 10-time card €130

One-time tickets are valid for the season.

Weekly hours, Autumn season 2023 season fee:

Open level (Tuesday)  13 x 75 min €156

Open level (Sun)  13 x 75 min 156 €

Kathak (Thu) 13 x 75 min 156 €

Advanced level (thursday) 15 x 75 min €180 

Lesson combinations:

  • 2 lessons per week (open level Tue, Sun or Thu Kathak) 26 x 75 min €245 (price / €9.40 once)

  • 2 lessons per week (open level Tues or Sun or Thurs Kathak and advanced level) 28 x 75 min €263 (price / €9.40 one time)

  • 3 lessons per week (open level Tue, Sun and Thu Kathak) 39 x 75 min €312 (price / €8.00 once)

  • 3 lessons per week (open level Tue or Sun, Thu Kathak and advanced level) 41 x 75 min €328 (price / €8.00 one time)
    Tuit is possible to divide the nti combinations into 3 batches. Also available in the online store. Payments in September, October and early November.

Other combinations are calculated separately and paid by invoice or bank card. You can also pay with exercise benefits (e-passi, Edenred, SmartumPay), in which case the entire season is paid at once, unless otherwise agreed. All prices include VAT 24%. For full-time students (no permanent job), unemployed and pensioners, a 10% discount on seasonal fees and combinations of hours (not one-time fees). 


A video will be taken of the choreography part of the class. If you are unable to come to class, you can learn the choreography taught in class from the video. You can also replace an hour during the season with another hour. Agree on compensation with the teacher.


You can pay all the hours conveniently through the online store. You can find more lesson packages by scrolling the arrow. Payment is secure. Please use web-shop in Finnish pages.  In English page is picking wrong products to page.

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