Welcome to Åbolly's online store! You can pay seasonal fees or an individual hour.

Billing is also possible and paying with debit/credit card. Also sports benefits can be used.


  • one-time fee (75 min) 14 €

  • technigue lessons in Naantali 2 x 60 min 16 € total


Lessons, spring season 2022:

50+ lesson  15 x 75 min

Open level  (Thu) 15 x 75 min

Open level (Sun) 12 x 75 min

Advanced level (Thu) 15 x 90 min

Technigue lessons 2 x60 min

Season prices and lesson combinations:

  • 15 x 75 min (50+ or open level) 165 €

  • 10 x 75 min (open level in Naantali) 107 €

  • 15 x 90 min (advanced level) € 190

  • 25x 75 min (Thu and Sun open levels) 213 €

  • 15 x 75 min and 15 x 90 min (50+ and advanced level) 265 €

Other combinations separately by invoice or debit card. Seasonal payments can be divided into two or three installments, in which case the installments are invoiced monthly. In this case, an invoicing surcharge of € 3 will be added to each item. You can also pay with sports benefits (e-passport, Edenred, SmartumPay), in which case the entire season is paid for at once.  All prices include VAT 24%.  10% discount on seasonal prices for full-time students (no permanent jobs), unemployed and pensioners.


A video summary of the lessons will be taken, if you are prevented from coming to the lesson, you can learn the lessons learned from the lesson from the video for a week. You can also replace an hour during the season with another hour. Agree on compensation with the teacher.


You can pay all the hours conveniently through the online store. You can find more lesson packages by scrolling the arrow. Payment is secure.