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Learn Bollywood dance virtually

Åbolly started broadcasting live lessons  On Facebook when the pandemic prevented group lessons. The situation is new to all of us, and no one knows how long these exceptional circumstances will last. So we can’t just wait, we decided to act and we also hope our students want to learn to dance with new methods.

Instead of online lessons, we will now offer a wider range of learning, of course we can also keep lessons live on the channel. We shoot instructional videos; choreographies, technique, warm-ups, final stretches, everything a normal dance class entails. The teachers are Teija and Sanna . We photograph most of the choreography lessons in the ballroom to keep the teaching situation as close to normal as possible. It is easier to learn to dance when it is also seen through the mirror.


Teaching takes place through a closed Facebook group, to which we upload all teaching material. The name of the group is Åboom and you can become a member as follows: The monthly participation fee is 25 €. After paying the participation fee, search the Facebook group Åboom and leave a membership request. We will process your requests as quickly as possible. Payment  Åbolly website  through.  If you want to remain a member of the group without interruption, always pay a monthly fee before the lunar change. At the end of the month, the group's website will always remind you of the next month's payment. If you want to pay for some cultural / sports benefits, you can do so by paying with the service provider's application or as an online payment.


By the end of May, 10 different choreographies have been uploaded to Åboom, most of which are still divided into different lessons.  Currently, the choreographies can be found in the following songs:  Barso Re,  Muqabla , Gallan Goodiyaan,  Ghungroo, Jai Jai Shivshankar, Ek Dil Ek Jaan, Daingad Daingad, Genda Phool, Uptown Funk Indian Mix, Ghagra, Ghungroo.  In addition, there are warmers, fitness bhangra and hand-held videos. New content is downloaded every week, in addition to the choreographies mentioned above, Sanna's new high heels choreography for Tinka Tinka will begin in June. bollywood in high heels! In June  Teija's fast choreography for Chikni Chameli will also begin.  During the summer, choreographies are coming, e.g. the following paragraphs:  Shape of You Carnatic Mix, Pinga,  Gun Gun Guna  and more will follow as we make new choreographies. Every week there is a new episode of at least two choreographies. Choreographies vary in difficulty and style, but most are something that anyone can learn.


Åboom will be maintained at least until the fall and if it proves to be a meaningful way for many to learn why not for longer.  


Welcome to Åbolly's Bollywood sparkle through virtual learning! Now joining is not a matter of place or time!

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