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You can pay for a single class, a 3-, 5-, or 10-session card, a seasonal pass, or a combination of classes with a bank card. You can also pay for the seasonal pass or class combination in installments (2-3 installments). Billing is also possible, as well as payment with exercise benefits.

Classes are 75 minutes long except for the advanced group class, which is 120 minutes.

  • Single payment (75 min) 14 €

  • 1 trial class for new students 10 €

  • 3-session card 39 € (for 75 min class)

  • 5-session card 65 € (for 75 min class)

  • 10-session card 130 € (for 75 min class)

Session cards are valid for the duration of the season.

Weekly classes, Spring 2024 season pass:

  • Open level (Tue) 15 x 75 min 180 € (includes a short course in Rajasthani dance)

  • Open level (Sun) 9 x 75 min 108 €

  • Open level training on Sundays from Jan 14 - Feb 18 (6 x 120 min) for spring show performers 35 €

  • Rajasthani dance short course 5 times 65 €

  • Advanced level (Thu) 15 x 120 min 200 €

  • The price of Kathak classes will be announced later.

Class Combinations:

  • 2 weekly classes (open level Tue and Sun) 24 x 75 min 226 € (price / 9.40 € per session)

  • 2 weekly classes (open level Tue and advanced level) 15 x 75 min + 15 x 120 min 328 € (price 7.29 € / hour)

  • Other class combinations are calculated separately

Class combinations can be split into 3 installments. Also available in the online store. Payments in January, February, and March.

Other combinations are calculated separately and paid by invoice or bank card. Payment can also be made with exercise benefits (e-pass, Edenred, SmartumPay), in which case the entire season is paid at once, unless otherwise agreed.


All prices include VAT 24%. Full-time students (without a permanent job), unemployed, and retirees receive a 10% discount on season passes and class combinations (not single payments).

Videos of the choreography part of the classes are taken. If you are unable to attend a class, you can learn the choreography taught in class from the video. You can also make up for a missed class during the season in another class. Arrange the make-up with the teacher. Only longer absences can be refunded against a medical certificate.

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