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Register for the class/classes you desire to ensure your spot. We only accept a limited number of students for each course. Registration is for the entire season. You can attend an individual class if there is space available. Registration is binding, and refunds for class fees are only given for long-term illness with a doctor's certificate. Unused classes can be made up in another class during the same season: We also take videos of the choreography taught in class, allowing you to practice at home.

Thursday classes are held at Moon Dance Studio. Address: Karjakatu 35 b 2nd floor, Turku. There are a few parking spaces in the building's yard (marked in red). You can park for 2 hours with a parking disc in the Lidl parking lot across the street. The bus stop for buses 32 and 42, Rautakatu, is very close to the studio.

Tuesday's class is held at the dance hall Voisilmä, located in Turku's Martti area. Address: Myllymäentie 10. Parking is available on the street near the building. The bus stop for the bus going to Uittamo is very close to the hall.

Sunday's class is held in Kesti-Maarian in Naantali. Address: Maariankatu 2, Naantali. The hall is on the top floor of a 2-story building. The front door is on the right side of the building when looking from the street. Parking is available along the street.

For detailed instructions on the location of the dance halls, visit the "Contact" page.

Classes can be paid for with a bank card, invoice, or exercise benefit (Edenred, e-passi, SmartumPay). For more information and prices, see the "Prices and Payment" page.


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