Register for the hour (s) you want to secure your seat . We only take a limited number of students for courses so we can take safety gaps into account. Registration is for the entire season. You can come for an individual lesson if there is room for the lesson.  Registration is binding and hourly rates will only be refunded for a long-term illness against a medical certificate. Unused hours can be replaced with another hour: We also take a video summary of the lessons, making it possible to work out at home. We can also stream live for an hour if someone is sick or quarantined and wants to participate. Streams can be viewed for a week.  

Tuesday and Thursday classes (50+, open and advanced level) are held at Moon Dance Studio. Address: Karjakatu 35 b 2nd floor. Turku. There are a few parking spaces in the yard of the building (marked in red). On the other side of the road, in the Lidl car park, you can park for 2 hours on a parking disc. Bus stop 32 and 42 Rautakatu stop right next to the hall.

Sunday classes (basic technology and open level) are held in Kesti-Maaria in Naantali. Address: Maariankatu 2, Naantali. The hall is on the top floor of a 2-storey house. The front door can be found on the right side of the building when viewed from the street. There are parking spaces along the street.


See the "Contact" page for more detailed instructions on the location of the Ballrooms.

Hours can be conveniently paid through the online store,. when paid for the entire season. Other payment methods: invoice, debit card, sports benefits (Edenred, e-passport, SmartumPay). If you want to pay in installments, the payment method is a debit card or invoice. The first installment at the beginning of the season and every following months (2-3 installments). When paying for sports benefits, the whole season is paid at the beginning of the season. You can see the prices on the "Online store and prices" page.


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Covid certificate and identity card must be presented if AVI so requires.

  1. You can only come to the studio healthy.

  2. In the locker rooms, everyone always wears a mask. Keep a sufficient distance from others.

  3. Wash your hands when you come to the studio.

  4. Hand disinfection liquids are available.

  5. Come to the lesson completed dressed in a training suit, if possible.

  6. The Moon Dance Studio can accommodate up to two (2) people at a time in dressing room.  If there are more people at a time, others can wait on the hall side, some in the hallway.  In Naantali we have 2 big dressing rooms. 

  7. Avoid unnecessary waiting in dressing room.

  8. The group leader cleans the contact surfaces (eg door handles) before the start of the lessons and if necessary in between.

  9. In the hall, safety intervals are taken into account.

  10. Ventilation between hours whenever possible.