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50+ Intensive


50+ Bollywood Intensive dance classes are aimed at those who want to train more purposefully and who are ready to invest a little more in the hobby. People who will soon turn 50 can also be accepted into the group. 


Each season, the group sets its own goals, which everyone commits to. The aim is, for example, dance competitions (50-year-old series) or some other bigger goal, e.g. festival performance. There may be training more than once a week during competitions or performances. The members of the group are ready to moderately acquire performance outfits as well.


A few enthusiasts have already signed up for the group, and even more can be included. You should have some kind of dance background and if you are not familiar with Indian dances, you should also participate in the 50+ class on Tuesday, where you will learn the basic technique. We also hone the same choreography to competition condition that is taught in the Tuesday class (and also on Sunday in Naantali), so it is highly recommended to participate in either the Tuesday or Sunday class as well.

If you are interested, ask more:

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