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Season: spring 2024 starts in March

The time and date will be announced later

Teacher: Kármen Kollár

Language of instruction: English

Location: to be announced later 

Join us for an unforgettable cultural journey into the enchantments of Indian Kathak dance. Originating from North India, Kathak is a dance form that delves into the region's culture, spirituality, and philosophy.

Immerse yourself in fascinating stories and the unique history of Kathak, which has shaped it into one of India's eight classical dance forms.

The term 'Kathak' stems from the Sanskrit word 'Katha', meaning 'story'. Ancient North India captivated its audience with Kathakars, wandering bards, who delivered captivating interpretations of great epics and timeless mythology through dance, song, and music.

During the spring season at Åbolly's Kathak classes, we continue the magic of storytelling with fascinating hand movements, enchanting step patterns, fluid gestures, and captivating rhythm. Kármen will guide you in expressing a wide range of emotions, portraying gods and goddesses, and telling stories through the artistic expression of Kathak.

In the spring season, we will refine the choreography from autumn and add a new part to it. Classes begin in March, when the teacher returns to Finland.

Learning Kathak is beneficial for mastering many other dance forms, such as techniques in oriental dance.

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